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The parquet situtation as seen at the last FEP convention

The parquet situtation as seen at the last FEP convention
Although better than expected after Domotex, the European parquet industry is not going to suddenly change, even if situations and prospects differ widely one nation to another.

More optimistic than the forecasts published on the occasion of the Domotex Hannover Show, the data provided by Fep (Federation of European Parquet Producers) affiliates depict a market that has undergone only slight changes. The outlook that emerges, however, is characterized by situations that differ widely from one nation to another. Total parquet consumption shrank by 2.6% in 2013 compared to 2012. As regards production, instead, the trend already evident last year towards the delocalization of production to European nations outside Fep territory was confirmed, with a 1.81% decrease in production inside the Fep area to 67 million square meters, whereas European production outside the FEP member nations reached 10 million. Alongside the fact that total production in FEP territory dropped by 1.8% to a volume of 67,027,450 m2, total overall European production has been pegged at little over 77 million square meters. Parquet consumption in the FEP area declined by 2.6% to 82,681,000 m2. This result – slightly better than initially envisioned at the Domotex Show in January – can be due to the good performance of a few markets towards the end of 2013 and a number of variations in 2012 consumer spending figures.

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