Isolmant, green inside

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Isolmant, green inside

Tecnasfalti-Isolmant has announced its decision to use only renewable energy sources, thus strengthening its commitment to protecting the environment. It has made public its recent agreement with Repower aimed at putting into practice a radical change in its energy procurement policy. Thanks to its “Verde Dentro” project, Repower produces 100% renewable energy, with Tüv Süv Industrie Service GmbH certification (green origin and resource traceability). After careful analysis of its energy consumption, Tecnasfalti-Isolmant has chosen the solution best suited to its needs and those of the environment, investing in a choice that rewards quality as opposed to the ‘bottom line’ in order to get an energy supply from 100% renewable sources. More specifically, the energy used by Tecnasfalti-Isolmant comes from the wind farm in Corleto Perticara (PZ) and satisfies the requirements of Tüv Süv’s Standard CMS 83: Generation EE (10/2011).

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