The new technical passport for parquet and construction products

The new technical passport for parquet and construction products
Meet the Document of Performance (DoP) that must now accompany the CE Mark for wood floors in compliance with new EU Regulation 305/2011

In July 2013, another step forward was taken at European Union level in the direction of better regulation and the assumption of greater responsibility in the production and sale of construction and finishing products that form part of a building, including wood flooring and parquet in general. Even if it is still not very well known or adopted by the wood floor sector, EU Regulation 305/2011 signed in Strasbourg in March 2012 and valid for the entire European Union as of July 1, 2013, abrogates the old 1988 EU Directive (Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC) that officialized the essential requisites of construction materials and regulated the assignment of the EC Mark. This Regulation will provide the new reference standard for the production, and above all, the sale of construction products in the European Union, and must be respected by all operators in the chain, from production to distribution.

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