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Ultrabond ECO S968 1K

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Ultrabond ECO S968 1K

The last few years have seen a growing demand in the residential, commercial and public building sectors for wooden flooring using superior quality, aesthetically innovative products. This trend has led to an evolution in the systems and techniques used to install and bond wooden flooring which MAPEI has transformed into a new line of specific products.

MAPEI systems for installing and bonding wooden flooring are solvent-free and have a very low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Safe both for those who use them and for those who live around them, and which are durable over the years. MAPEI has always been committed to Research and Development into products that safeguard the environment and the health of those who apply our products or frequent the areas where they are applied, and has a vast experience in the field of Eco- Sustainability dating back to 1980. MAPEI products are certified EC1, Blauer Engel and DIBt: these recognitions are the markings awarded by strict German Institutes that verify products to make sure they contain no hazardous substances and have very low emission levels of volatile organic compounds. In this perspective Mapei has now introduced a new sililated adhesive of the latest generation: Ultrabond Eco S968 1K. One-component silylated polymer-based adhesive with very low emission level of volatile organic compounds.

• solvent-free;

• “hard category” adhesive in compliance with EN 14293 standards;

• extended workability time;

• easy to apply with excellent rib stability;

• certified by GEV as a product with very low emission level of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1-R Plus) and Blauer Engel;

• easy to remove from hands and pre-finished wood.

Available in 15 kg bucket, Ultrabond Eco S 968 1K is suitable for installing all types and formats of pre-finished and solid parquet flooring on any type of substrate, including heated screeds.

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