Outdoor Cubesauna by Duclos Legnami, a cube of health

The Cubesauna is a good example of how Duclos Legnami responds to the challenge of how to combine traditional woodworking in the mountains with the essential clean lines demanded by modern living. Built entirely in the Valle d'Aosta, this novel sauna is made entirely out of wood and designed to be erected out of doors. It is made using different types of wood – all natural and untreated – in order to withstand the high temperature difference between the inside and the outside: larch is used for the external wall; the thermal insulating layer is made of natural wood fibre; the inner wall from natural cedar wood and fir. Inside, all the components are natural and untreated, to ensure total well-being.
The sauna is particularly well equipped: the steam is generated by a wood-burning stove with lava stones on top. The sauna can be self-sufficient in terms of its energy thanks to the (optional) installation of small photovoltaic solar panels on the roof, capable of feeding the low consumption LED lights, the chromotherapy system and the music system inside the sauna building.

New shades for Listone Giordano’s Heritage collection

Listone Giordano’s new "Heritage" collection embodies the company’s constant respect for nature, being made using wood from eco-sustainable forestry. The "Heritage" line is an aesthetic and technological revolution, integrating in its production process heat treatments capable of producing – without the use of dyes or chemical substances – a huge variety of shades starting from the prince of European wood species: Oak. The "Michelangelo" finish uses a clever combination of pigments from plant extracts that penetrate deep into the timber, producing 7 different shades ranging from white to black. Some interesting new shades have now been added to the "Heritage" range: from Pienza grey to Montalcino and Bagno Vignoni... a fantastic journey of natural colour through some of Tuscany’s most beautiful towns.

Chimiver - SIGIL-LA

Single-component water-based sealant for waterproofing the joints of click wooden floors and laminates systems. SIGIL-LA is a single-component water-based sealant for waterproofing the joints of click wooden floors and laminates systems. SIGIL-LA prevents the joints swelling due to the presence of high humidity levels as in kitchens and bathrooms. How to use. Apply SIGIL-LA on the male of the element using the pouring lip, immediately couple making a light pressure to improve a continuous sealing. Use a wet cotton cloth to remove SIGIL-LA when still fresh, remove the excess by peeling or with a plastic trowel after complete hardening. Be carefull when cleaning, do not scratch or ruin the floor. The maintenance of treated with SIGIL-LA has done with VELUREX range of products. SIGIL-LA is easy to apply, once dry it becomes transparent. It is advisable to wait at least 12-24 hours before heavy traffic, the complete hardening of the product will be reached within 24-48 hours.

Carver - Brings Made in Italy in the world

One of the most important and well known Italian companies in its field, Carver has been successful also on foreign markets, both European and extra- European. Since 1997 we are members of important organizations, such as the American National Wood Flooring Association, the german GEV and the Innung Parkett und Fußbodentechnik of North-Eastern Germany, and the Australian ATFA. We have specialized in products for wood floors since 1957 and nowadays we have enriched the range with products for interior and exterior woodworks. Our range of waterbased products, born to reduce solvent emissions in works environments, have remarkably improved during the years, so that the performance gap at first existing between waterborne and solvent-based products is by now nearly bridget. The line of waterborne products consists of different types of finishes, bonding for filler, sealers and wood stains. Particularly valuable the esthetical results that can be obtained in satin, mat and super-mat sheen finishing. For exterior woodworks we can offer a complete range of water or oil-based products for impregnating, colouring, finishing and protecting wood outdoors, which meets the highest standards of appearance, efficacy and duration of treatments. The wide range of products offers solutions for all needs, guaranteeing the special attention that Carver gives to protecting the environment and health of the painter.

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