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A visit to the Bosco Verticale

The world’s most beautiful and innovative highrise seen from up close   Designed by Boeri Studio and developed by Hines Italia SGR in Milano’s Porta Nuova Isola district, the Bosco Verticale building received the International Highrise Award from the Frankfurt Architecture Museumas The world’s most beautifu

The magic of WOOD

Heart, soul, and spirit in an engineered floors Old Floor ltaly is a fami1y business which has handed down a love of wood from generation to generation. The founder of the company was an enthusiastic woodworker who examined the quality of the wood meticulously and was able to decide perfectly how to use each part of a plank. Nowadays, this…

PARQUET: yesterday, today, tomorrow

When were wood parquet floors invented? What were the biggest steps in their development? Come with us on an interesting trip through the centuries... Although wood floors are among the earliest features of human homes, it’s practically impossible to identify the oldest wood floors or the shapes of formats first used. Walking over a wood floor has always come so…