The magic of WOOD

The magic of WOOD
Heart, soul, and spirit in an engineered floors

Old Floor ltaly is a fami1y business which has handed down a love of wood from generation to generation. The founder of the company was an enthusiastic woodworker who examined the quality of the wood meticulously and was able to decide perfectly how to use each part of a plank.
Nowadays, this developing tradition means that the company has a wealth of knowledge and experience of wood. Moreover, if the name Old Floor Italy evokes images of old or distressed floors, this Italian producer of threelayer parquet floors has much more to offer than that. It specialises in engineered floors with a top layer of 4mm for exotic wood sorts and 4.8 mm for European sorts.

Engineered floors

Old Floor Italy floors consist of three layers and are available in thicknesses of 15 and 20 mm. A bottom layer is utilized in the same sort of wood as the top layer or in any technological equivalent.
The middle layer is utilized is in spruce and is 5.4 mm thick for 15 mm planks and 10.4 mm for 20 mm planks. The top layer has a thickness of 4.8 mm for the wood sorts oak, European steamed walnut, Pear, Chestnut, European cherry, Steamed Acacia, European maple and Elm. With exotic wood sorts Old Floor Italy provides a top layerwhich is 4 mm thick.
This applies to Asian teak, Wenge, Doussie, and Iroko. For glueing the floorboards Old Floor Italy uses adhesives with no formaldehyde. The floorboards have bevelled edges.

Exclusive floors and fitting patterns

Old Floor Italy loves exclusive floors. This means that the Russian market, for example, is an important target group. After all, Russia has extremely demanding clients who look for quality products and special designs, special formats and special finishes.
These are all challenges which fall entirely within the speciality of Old Floor Italy. In addition to the ordinary planks (Floor Board) and the extra large planks (Maxi Floor- Board with a dimensions of 300 x 3000 mm), staves, Old Floor Italy also offers patterns for old, ingenious fitting. Herringbone and Hungarian point are excellent examples of exclusive fitting patterns which are perfect even in the most modern homes.

Settecento: walk on a piece of Venice

The new range of boards “Settecento” founds its strong point in its exclusiveness. To have at home a “Settecento” parquet doesn’t only mean to walk on a wooden floor but walk on a piece of Venice and so, a piece of history. The thousands of “Bricole” (the antique boat anchor posts) that punctuate and characterized the most famous lagoon in the world, will be utilized, with a significant work of ecologic recovering, and converted into an antique pieces.
The more of 300 years of immersion of the Bricole in the salty water, have transformed their Oak (but also Elm, Acacia and Beech) into an ossified and extremely steady material. From it, Old Floor is getting 3 layer boards, with a noble lamella 5 mm thick, supplied in random widths up to 240 mm and lengths up to 250 cm. The new line “Settecento” will be identify by hand made craftings and oiled-waxed finishes: antique liking, whitened or natural finishes with unrepeatable shading thanks to the contrast with the surface they act on. To complete the range also Rialto and Cà Foscari patterns, along with the everlasting Hungarian Herringbone, available with the same craftings and finishes of boards or, if necessary, personalized. The exclusiveness of “Settecento” unique line will be certified and every single lot will be accompanied by a document stating the origin and dating of the utilized raw material.

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