Mapei Ultracot

Friulparchet: Rime, background of living space

A new project of wall covering in old recovered wood that is expressed trough a poetical composition of an exclusive product. This is the way how Rime becomes background of living space, creating an atmosphere rich of precious colour shades and shadows.

Ultrabond ECO S968 1K

The last few years have seen a growing demand in the residential, commercial and public building sectors for wooden flooring using superior quality, aesthetically innovative products. This trend has led to an evolution in the systems and techniques used to install and bond wooden flooring which MAPEI has transformed into a new line of specific products.

Timba and Minitimba: professional wood sanding machine

The new sanding machine TIMBA is able to do, on any type of wood floor, jobs that traditionally are made with 3 different machines: smooth like a traditional belt sanding machine; finishes the floors like a monobrush; sands up to the skirting boards of the walls like a edge machine. Thanks to the complete range of accessories and discs

Acoustic solutions for wooden flooring

Isolmant Parquet introduces his new complete range of acoustic solutions for wooden flooring: 16 products to provide effective solutions to deal with the main issues of floating laying. After the big success to Domotex 2015, Isolmant proposes his innovative range to the European and world wide market. The Home Solutions Range has been especially designed for refurbishing with floating wooden…

European Select Oak Parquet in Sand Grey to

The planks of Cadorin Sand Grey European Select Oak are featured by an elegant brushing and the timeless beauty of the grey tones that you can find in nature in the light colour of the Sand finish. A varnish finishing, made by Cadorin, valorises the European Select Oak vain, just marked and drawn by brushing, and made with the shades…

African red padouk

The love for peculiar wood species has changed the face of wood-flooring across the world. GIʎNT® African Red Padouk is a completely natural product with a stunning and unusual original color, able to transform every project into a dream home. Highquality wood and technical expertise come together to result in a contemporary solid wooden flooring of unique width and length.

Wax Care and Sigil-la

Wax Care is a hydrorepellent dispersion of waxes for the intensive maintenance of lacquered (solvent, water) oiled and/or waxed wooden floor and also for internal cotto tiles, stones, etc.Wax Care gives to the surface a pleasent natural and hydrorepellent effect. Its special formulation renews, protects and restores dull, scratched or ruined wooden floors.

Materia, the success of simplicity

At first glance, it looks like untreated wood. That’s the distinctive feature and secret to the success of Materia, a finish developed for Oak in the Tavole del Piave Collection by Itlas. This finish met with instant success when it was first presented at Saloni 2013, to the degree that Itlas decided to offer it in different collections for different…

ALI Parquets: special new UV oil finish

ALI is proud to present the latest addition to its family of finishes applied to the prestigious pre-finished solid wood parquet of its own production SuperPreMass and PreMass. Steady work at the company’s R&D laboratories has led to the development of this special finish that combines natural oil’s aesthetic appeal with the practical use and maintenance