ALI Parquets:The new frontier of 100% prefinished wood flooring elements

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Big format with thickness of 14 mm, width of 120/140 mm and length from 600 to 1400 mm, bevelled, brushed and matt varnish finished, which represents the dimensional excellence of the production ALI Parquets.

ExtraMass is a real solid wood floor in big format, exalting the characteristics of the kinds of wood used. In particular Oak with grouted knots, which suits rustic as well as modern rooms, while Thermo treated Ash °C 190 is an exclusive proposal exalting the natural fibers of the material.

Bevelled: The entire face perimeter of the wooden element has a light chamfer; the result of this finish is a slightly smoothed edge, which helps emphasizing the dimensions of each wooden element of the flooring.

Brushed: In this particular kind of treatment the face side of the wooden element is polished with special brushes, so that the areas of the element with higher abrasion resistance are raised and create a nice effect emphasizing the natural grain of the wood.

Calibrated: The thickness of each single wooden element is calibrated with a precision of a hundredth of a millimetre. The uniform thickness in this way gained on all range of product is fundamental to obtain a perfectly smooth floor, without lipping between the various wooden elements.

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