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Friulparchet: Rime, background of living space

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friulparquet 11

A new project of wall covering in old recovered wood that is expressed trough a poetical composition of an exclusive product. This is the way how Rime becomes background of living space, creating an atmosphere rich of precious colour shades and shadows.

A product narrating history of a old material, both trough its irregular surface and three-dimensional vibration of its elements. Wood used in this product is the result of recycling of old walls that make it more precious and uniqueness: each surface will be embellished by a composition and material unrepeatable. Trough a not covering surface treatment it is possible to give emphasis to wood natural fibres, without covering or changing them. Non a common covering but a real story that shows its poetic texture in composition of many blocks: each of them is, accurately placed on a base-panel, follows a metric that is developed in threedimensions. Variety of dimensions of elements, produced with the old wood, will offer to each different installation, a different geometry, showing its beauty in the total wall. In the two proposals, elements are organized through an alternate or a random logic, horizontally. Indeed, thanks to pre-assembling on plywood panels and patter logic, it is possible to have a fast and easy installation and a final result rich of details and surface variations.

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