Acoustic solutions for wooden flooring

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Acoustic solutions for wooden flooring

Isolmant Parquet introduces his new complete range of acoustic solutions for wooden flooring: 16 products to provide effective solutions to deal with the main issues of floating laying. After the big success to Domotex 2015, Isolmant proposes his innovative range to the European and world wide market. The Home Solutions Range has been especially designed for refurbishing with floating wooden or laminate flooring and for small housing installation projects. Each product of this range has specific characteristics to deal with any installation issue. The products in the Professional Solution range are high tech to meet the most challenging requirements as regard insulation, duration and mechanical resistance.

Not only do wooden flooring underlays respect acoustic insulation and reflected sound reduction performance requirements, they also need to provide moisture prevention from underlying layers. This aspect is essential in order to preserve the wood. The surface resistance of the underlay and its stability over time ensure the perfect technical performance of these materials. The products in the Professional Solutions range are resistant and performable to ensure quick safe installation. There are very special applications that require the installation of floating wooden or laminate flooring and underlay with very specific technical characteristics. Isolmant has designed a special range of products for such special installations. Each product in the Special Solution Range has a specific application field which concerns the type of flooring under which it must be installed or the particular function of the structure in which it will be installed or a specific technical characteristic whose performance is enhanced. Discover the range Isolmant Parquet on

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