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ALI Parquets: special new UV oil finish

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ALI Parquets: special new UV oil finish

ALI is proud to present the latest addition to its family of finishes applied to the prestigious pre-finished solid wood parquet of its own production SuperPreMass and PreMass. Steady work at the company’s R&D laboratories has led to the development of this special finish that combines natural oil’s aesthetic appeal with the practical use and maintenance

usually offered only by industrial finishes. While conserving all the attraction and natural look of solventfree oil, ALI UV oil finish not only eliminates the costs and times necessary for the periodical application of nourishing oil to the floor but also stops the formation of hard-to-remove rings and white marks caused by prolonged accumulation of liquid on the surface. Each wooden element is coated with a layer of film that protects the fibre. Thanks to all these features, UV oil finish – available for four different kinds of wood and in both SuperPreMass and PreMass format – has already been greeted with success by numerous clients. Captions: PreMass Classic Rovere/Oak, UV oil in grading Class “Δ titano".

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