Materia, the success of simplicity

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Materia, the success of simplicity

At first glance, it looks like untreated wood. That’s the distinctive feature and secret to the success of Materia, a finish developed for Oak in the Tavole del Piave Collection by Itlas. This finish met with instant success when it was first presented at Saloni 2013, to the degree that Itlas decided to offer it in different collections for different types of wood

, like Beech in the Assi del Cansiglio or the Noce Daniela di Tavole del Piave. Materia is also proposed in the new 100% Oak Collection of pre-finished two-layer parquet with 10 mm thickness. Colored pigments can be applied to the UV varnish. The use of this varnish gives the floor a special natural effect with excellent resistance to dirt and wear at the same time. The application of natural colored pigments modifies the wood’s original colors for adaptation to a wide range of interiors. The top surface of the floor is worked by a set of brushes that remove the grain’s soft surface to leave the harder fiber intact. The effect obtained gives a particular naturalness to the finish. What’s more, a special type leaves the marks of the saw teeth and drying in plain sight on the surface, which are then beveled and softened by a light sanding by hand. Materia is clearly distinguished by this sawn-effect typical of untreated wood.

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