BAUWERK Silverline Edition

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BAUWERK Silverline Edition BAUWERK Silverline Edition

The Silverline Edition of Bauwerk is made in Oak, a really fragrant quality, strong and resistant, enough to be used also for boats and barrels.
A slow drying process, combined with the precision of the cut and the unusual length of the planks (almost three meters), shows the definition of the veins that run along the surface of the oak. The different finishes are then carried out through brushing and specially treated with natural oils, giving the tables silver or golden reflections.
Finally, to further enhance the natural look of the wood and accentuate the aesthetics of the plank, Bauwerk performs a special "bevel" that smooths the edges of the plates at 45 °. Bauwerk Silverline edition is available in four finishes: natural oak, Silver, Gold Oak and Oak Farina. The staves (2800X260X11 mm) due to their low thickness have values ​​of thermal transmission ideal for use with a floor heating system. Bauwerk never use adhesives that contain resins, volatile solvents or formaldehyde.

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