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American maple and walnut for LONDON CLINIC INTERIORS

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In the construction of the London Clinic’s new Oncology Center, Anshen+Allen Architects were asked to abandon the institutional style and create an elegant, familiar, and welcoming ambience for patients that was more simile to a luxury hotel than a hospital. In order to meet this specific request, interior decorator Velimira Drummer chose the warm shades of brown: honey, coffee, and cocoa, which were all enhanced by soft, luxurious fabrics in neutral colors and a combination of dark and pale wood that added a touch of elegance and liveliness.
American black walnut, with its warm, rich coloring was the perfect choice for the main entrance, where it was used on the walls and the ceiling, while lighter colored American maple was used for the closets in the patients’ rooms.
Even if American black walnut was chosen for the doors of the medical ambulatories and patients’ rooms primarily for aesthetic reasons, the choice provided another advantage: compliance with DDA regulations against discrimination for disabled users that specify at least a 30- point contrast between the door and the walls in order to ensure that patients with impaired vision can easily identify the ambulatory.
The Clinic’s new center (costing 80 million Pounds Sterling) is the largest one built in the private healthcare sector in the last 25 years and is equipped with avant-garde structures for the treatment of patients with tumors.
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