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FN Neuhofer Holz offers “FN deco-shelf” multifunction shelf system. The system, together with its patented aluminium profiles, offers almost endless possibilities for large-scale wall, furniture or interior solutions for all rooms. This saves end users the search for matching elements, as the system offers practical and intelligent all-in-one solutions for any room (dining room, kitchen, workshop, office, bathroom, cloakroom, playrooms and bedrooms), which can be used immediately thanks to the quick-fit design. Every room situation can be extended, reduced or adjusted in any way using corresponding accessories.
The concept in brief: use of laminate, parquet, cork and linoleum floors, panels, tiles or decorative panels for walls; special profiles for connecting individual floor tiles; with profiles suitable for various floor/panel thicknesses, dimensions: 5.8 mm - 8 mm/0,228 - 0,315 inch; 9.5 mm - 12 mm/0,374 - 0,742 inch; 12.8 mm - 15.3 mm/0,504 - 0,602 inch; the FN universal profile is used for thicknesses of 16 mm/0,630 inch or more. Comprehensive range of accessories for any type of application. Patent and design patent pending.

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